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Energy saving system

YTLU° Energy Saving System

What is YTL U° Energy Saving System?

U°Energy Saving System  — is a Smart Energy Saving System for company. Intergrate information collection, data analysis, alarming and real time monitoring.

Remote monitoring, Performance management

Remote reading and managing, collect the energy consumption data from different areas. 

Supports PC software, Web version software, and will support Mobile App in the future.

Reduce waste, decline costs

Set energy consumption goals in software. 

Real time consumption data helps staff to realize wasting problem, and save energy actively. 

Usually for minor enterprises, 10~30% energy can be save via U°

Easy for installation and operation

Standard installation, software interface is very clean and clear, correctly show the total and real time energy consumption.

Overload alarm, automatically switch off

Alarming power value can be set. If overload occurs, system will automatically alarm, and if achieve the limit, power will be swithed off to avoid any unsafety.

U° Products

▪ High accuracy, Fast speed, wide range

▪ Function: Active energy, Reactive enrgy, Voltage, Current, Power, Frequency, Power factor, Demand, Internal temperature, load control, remoter upgrading, etc (configurable)

▪ Communication: GPRS/WIFI/Ethernet/RS485/Zigbee)

▪ Easy for installation: Standard istallation

U° Software

1. Easy for installation


Just click the mouse to complete the software installation.

System will automatically input Meter No., and check the communication.

2. Interface is clean and clear, easy for operation

Energy consumptions of different areas are very obvious

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