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۞  Overview:

How would the world change if societal infrastructure of utilities such as electricity, gas and water meets intelligent networking technology and advanced IT? Nowadays, energy efficiency is one of the biggest challenges that we are facing to keep the earth sustainable, and smart grid is regarded as a solution, fulfilling both eco-friendliness and economic benefit.
YTL is the earliest company to develop and export AMI products, which already sells to many country’s utility.
YTL accelerates the move toward smart grid with next-generation AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) system solution.

YTL provide reliable AMI system to utilities and provide benefits: 

۞  User

*with two-way communication function,reinforce flexible interaction between user and electric system;

*Electricity information transparency, lead spontaneous energy saving.


۞ Utility:

*without manual meter reading needed;

*user load control;

*Fault detection and diagnosis;

*Extend the service project based on easily get user electricity information.


۞ Country:

* It helps countries to achieve global war- ming policy goals

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