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During the epidemic, what smart devices turn people on?


The pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus is still continuing. In order to minimize the probability of infection, communities in many cities have been closed. The family members of the community owners have reduced their outings, and community supermarkets and out-of-community logistics distribution are not allowed to enter. Avoiding direct contact with personnel is a necessary measure and will continue for a long time. Due to the need to reduce personnel contact, smart devices are of great use at this time!

    1.Hospital assistant-intelligent medical robot


     Intelligent robots have been used in many hospitals and isolation points in various provinces and cities in China to deliver meals, daily necessities and medical supplies to isolated wards. Some intelligent robots can also perform various functions such as face recognition, natural voice interaction and remote collaboration.It reduced the labor intensity of first-line medical staff and also reduced the risk of cross-infection of the virus.

    2.Air manager-drone patrol

    Speaking of drones, everyone must know that in this epidemic, drones have helped us a lot!In rural areas, houses are generally self-built and relatively scattered. If people are sent to patrol, their efficiency and coverage area are far inferior to drones, as are urban streets.Therefore, the government used drones to patrol and speak at high altitudes, which attracted the attention of the people and played a monitoring effect.

    In addition to personnel management, drones have also played a role in the delivery of express delivery and body temperature measurement of high-rise residents, saving a lot of time and energy for community workers.


    3.The host's good housekeeper-you can charge electricity without leaving home

    As the form of the epidemic is still grim, people are taking protective measures at home, companies cannot resume work, and there was a sudden decrease in people's income. Some landlords have reduced partial rents for tenants, helping them to overcome difficulty.In this extraordinary period, the landlord who installed the prepaid smart electricity meter is free from worry.


    APS pre-payment management system is the Internet + new pre-payment system for the secondary rental market, based on IEC standard code encryption and decryption function, to achieve no medium sales and purchase of electricity, integrate remote meter reading, recharge,  clear and power supply.

    The landlord only needs to manage it remotely at home, set the electricity price and the monthly rent on the mobile APP, and the tenant can remotely recharge the electricity bill and pay the rent on the APP, which reduces the energy of the landlord to collect the rent from house to house and calculate the electricity bill. It really achieves no touch between the landlord and the tenant, and the cloud processing of the smart meter prepayment system protects everyone's safety in the epidemic situation!

    This system can be flexibly applied to renting houses, apartments, campus dormitories, industrial parks, shopping mall shops, properties and so on. It could solve a series of charging management problems for landlords or administrators and realize self-service recharge of tenants and intelligent management of tenants.