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The secret of energy meter's 1 ‰ accuracy revealed


With the rapid development of new energy electric vehicle charging pile and 5G base stations, 

With the rapid development of new energy electric vehicle charging pile and 5G base stations, some enterprises increase much more requirements towards measurement accuracy and cost performance of DC electric meters. Recently, Zhejiang Yongtailong Electronic CO.,Ltd has presented a DC energy meter with an accuracy of  1‰, which solves the problem of low accuracy of traditional DC energy meters. The meter is literally budget and high quality.


This DC energy meter is installed in the DC charging pile, which can not only measure the charging power and conduct the settlement, but also has the function of monitoring electricity information, such as voltage, current, power, temperature, leakage, etc.It mainly monitors the electricity voltage, current, power of 5G equipment and the apportionment settlement of costs between different operators (servral communication operators share DC distribution equipment) in 5G stations.


In these two cases, the current is large and the electricity consumption time is long. The accuracy of the measurement error of the DC meter directly affects the accuracy of the cost, which has become the focus of the industry.At present, most of the measurement error accuracy of DC meters in the market is 1% with large standard error point and poor consistency.


For this defects, Zhejiang Yongtailong Electronic Co., Ltd has concentrated its R & D efforts on breakthroughs with ingenious spirit and earnest attitude.In the design scheme, in addition to the use of high-precision shunt, it also adjusted the design requirements of the ADC based on tens of thousands of test data comparison and analysis, and invented the YTL A124 chip, which perfectly fits with sampling and measurement and make the DC energy meter accurate reach the best —— 1 ‰.


Moreover, the function of DC energy meter is quite complete:

1. Real-time monitoring: real-time monitoring of DC voltage, DC current, DC power

2. Security alarm: Threshold value can be set for each parameter type, with functions of over current alarm, over and under voltage alarm and utility failure alarm

3. Communication: RS485 communication (modbus protocol), NB-IoT communication (376.1)


Through the elaborate product design scheme and the customization of YTL A124 chip, the price of the product is far lower than the counterparts and definitely the most cost-effective.YTL A124, which has a built-in temperature sensor&high-precision oscillator and a differential input channel, is a high-precision, low-power analog-to-digital conversion chip specially designed for high accuracy of DC energy meter measurement.


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