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Smart meter realizes AI impact on automated manufacturing inspection


With the end of demographic dividend

With the end of demographic dividend of China and the advent of economic globalization, how can we continue to provide customers with stable performance and cost-effective meters under the situation of increasing labor costs and intenser competition in the industry? Regardless of the R&D design of the product or the manufacturing process, YTL have been making unremitting efforts to provide value to customers!


In the production process from power meter incoming inspection to end product packaging, whether it is LCD display inspection, nameplate printing content inspection, laser marking inspection, or inspection of circuit board pseudo soldering, lack welding, lack plug-in, lack printing screw; YTL independently developed an automatic image detector based on product characteristics to achieve automatic inspection, escorting the efficiency and quality of the entire manufacturing process of the product.


1. AI intelligent decision to ensure the uniformity and stability of product quality.

Through the comparison of high-definition camera shooting and set standards to ensure the unity of standards and exclude the influence of human factors.


2. Immediate judgment, improve the efficiency of product production and shorten the production cycle.

The judgment time of 1-2 seconds improves the efficiency by several times compared with manual detection to ensure the timely completion rate of orders.


3. Judgment data is automatically archived to ensure that the product can be traced throughout.

After the judgment is completed, the data is automatically archived to the specified path, and strict and standardized file management provides guarantee for the follow-up of the product.


4. Reduce staff and increase efficiency, improve product cost performance and market competitiveness.

The continuous increase in per capita output value and the declining defect rate PPM value ultimately benefit the customer.


According to the characteristics of the company's various types of electric meter products, we have established the equipment department and made manufacturing automation and semi-automation one of the company's strategies for improving product quality and efficiency. We pursue continuous innovation and self-transcendence and make continuous efforts to create a win-win sustainable development path.




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