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When the epidemic broke out, people didn't grab masks but rushed to ask for meters


2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The emergence of novel coronavirus pneumonia has given people unprecedented cohesion, and there are countless moving and gratitude behind the situation. With the efforts of many people, we are about to gradually resume life and production, but the world is also undergoing tremendous changes.


With the outbreak of the global epidemic, not only masks and protective equipment are in short supply, but temperature measuring guns have also become tight products. In recent days, YTL, which is mainly based on foreign trade, has also received the demand for infrared thermometers from foreign customers.


Foreign Client:

YTL, we urgently need infrared thermometers. Your research and development capabilities are so powerful, please help us design an infrared thermometer.


Hello, I'm really sorry, our company only makes electric measurement products, not infrared thermometers.

Foreign Client:

With so many products and strong R & D capabilities, can you make adjustments to the existing plans?


Well, we also hope to make some contributions to fight the epidemic. Technicians already have ideas, on the basis of the electric meter of our charging pile, replace the measuring head with a thermopile sensor and simplify the circuit to be a temperature measuring gun.


In view of the strong demand from foreign customers, the final sentiment still overcomes the rationality. We designed a solution for the temperature measuring gun for our customers. Here we show the solution.(Reiterate: YTL does not make temperature measuring guns. After the design scheme is made by customers, we only make electricity measurement and measurement products.)




Introduction of infrared thermometer program: YTLA124 is packaged in SOP8, which is a high-precision and low-power 24-bit analog-to-digital conversion chip, with built-in 128 times instrument operational amplifier. The ADC data output rate in normal mode is: 10Hz ~ 1.28KHz, the default is 10Hz. The MCU can communicate with the A124 via the 2-wire SPl interface. The maximum rate is 1.1MHz. 1 way 24-bit differential input without failure codes, ENOB is 20 bits when PGA = 128.

Parameter Introduction

Parameter Name

Parameter Details

P-P noise


Offset error


Offset error drift


Integral linearity


Input bias current


Power consumption in sleep mode



Remind: After the epidemic, the price of the temperature measuring gun will drop greatly, and it will not work without a good cost performance!


Zhejiang Yongtailong Electronics Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service of professional electronic energy meters and other power measurement, control and service products. It has always been committed to research and development in the field of power measurement and energy saving, and make cost-effective products and services to create value for customers. Combining with the current Internet of Things technology, YTL Smart Energy Management System came into being. Small meters provide accurate data and diverse services to achieve prepayment, energy saving, safety and predictability, create a green, energy-saving, safe and secure electricity environment for customers.


1. Prepaid Management System

This is a set of Internet plus new prepaid system that is dedicated to the housing rental market. Through intelligent equipment, it can realize the management of housing, recharge (payment) and energy consumption analysis. It can be flexibly applied to renting houses, apartments, campus dorms, industrial parks, shopping malls, properties, etc., and can solve a series of charging management problems for landlords and managers.


Feature Highlights


1. Support remote meter reading, recharge (Alipay, online banking), reset, power on and off

2.  Alarm in case of low battery, automatic trip in case of arrears

3. Tenant self-service recharge, intelligent management of landlord

4. Set the power threshold to avoid potential safety hazards

5.the detailed operation of the house and the management of the whole house


2. Smart&Safe Electricity System

Relying on various efficient communication methods such as WiFi, GPRS, NB-lot, etc., the platform realizes the interconnection of all things, and can carry out information collection, data analysis, real-time monitoring, fault prediction and safety alarms on circuits and devices.



Feature Highlights


1. Support remote meter reading and power consumption data monitoring

2. Abnormal alarms, such as overload, over temperature, leakage current to ensure safety

3. Set a timing plan to save energy and reduce consumption

4. Predict the running status of equipment and reduce operation and maintenance costs


3. Smart Street Light System

Implement unified management of street lighting public lighting to achieve the "trinity" effect of remote monitoring of lighting, intelligent management, energy saving and consumption reduction, and provide a systematic solution for reasonable arrangement of street lamp brightness and energy saving.



Feature Highlights


1. Remote switch, dimming, strategy control

2. Measure voltage, current, power, power factor, current and switch status

3. Real-time online patrol measurement, lamp failure alarm, cable theft alarm, communication failure alarm, fast fault location switch to navigation function

4. Statistical analysis charts and reports of energy consumption, energy saving rate and lighting rate

5. Daily parameter setting, GIS map display, equipment location and current status


4. Smart Charging Socket

The smart charging socket is a new type of socket that can be used to pay for electricity at any time in public places through Alipay and WeChat scan code. It can collect power parameters such as electricity, current, voltage, power, temperature and so on. It can issue safety warning and automatically cut off when overload, leakage, over-temperature and other abnormal electricity consumption occur during use, to avoid hidden dangers and protect the safety of life and property.



Feature Highlights


1. Convenient payment: Alipay, WeChat scan code self-service charging

2. Accurate statistics: professional meter-level measurement of electricity, current, voltage, power, residual current

3. Danger alarm: real-time alarm for abnormal conditions such as overload, leakage, over temperature, etc.

4. Remote intelligent control: online charging, timer switch, remote control

5. Communication guarantee: NB-IoT, Bluetooth dual communication guarantee, applicable to various application scenarios