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Amazing leakage detection sensor boosts charging pile


As the penetration rate of electric vehicles increases, the demand for charging piles is also increasing.

As the penetration rate of electric vehicles increases, the demand for charging piles is also increasing. By 2030, with the active promotion of various countries, the number of private low-speed charging stations (charging power up to 7 kilowatts) deployed globally will reach 115 million to 135 million units, that is, each electric vehicle will be equipped with 1 to 1.2 private charging piles by 2030. By 2030, the number of public charging facilities will reach 8 million to 17 million units.


The requirements and specifications for leakage current detection are specified in the standard of the charging pile, but at present, devices that can detect both DC leakage current and AC leakage current are very rare, and it is uncommon to have such a high cost performance. YTL has been devoted to power measurement for more than 20 years. According to the application specifications and scenarios of automobile charging piles, DCAC leakage detection sensor DA0630T41A has been launched.


Functional characteristics:

Wide voltage input: 12V ± 20%

Measuring current range: DC current 2-15mA; AC current 3-100mA

Accuracy class: DC ± 0,2mA, AC ± 0.3mA

Can read current value and set alarm current value

Three outputs: DC alarm, AC alarm, AC / DC alarm

Working environment temperature: -25 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃

Plastic shell, small SIP package or plug

With switch control (isolated voltage 4000Vac)


Pin description and package size:





Pin definition




12V ± 20% input voltage



Input ground



URAT reception



URAT launch



AC, DC leakage alarm output



AC leakage alarm output



DC leakage alarm output



The DA series leakage sensor is a DC / AC leakage current sensor, which has the characteristics of high sensitivity, correct measurement, small size and integration. The leakage sensor can set the AC and DC leakage separately. An alarm signal is generated when the set current is reached, and the switch control signal is output at the same time. The leakage sensor has a digital output function and can read DC and AC current values.


This series of products have important applications in several fields such as industrial equipment, medical instruments, instrumentation, new energy, smart cities and the Internet of Things. It is especially suitable for charging charges and safety management of electricity consumption electric vehicles, electric motorcycles and electric bicycles in various public places. And it is simple to use and easy to install.