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Smart electricity use with small investment and prosperous profitserous profits


With the rapid development of industrial automation, many enterprises are equipped with various automated production equipment. These equipment not only consume large power, but also are frequently used for a long time, which is prone to electrical fire hazards due to overload, overheating, and leakage. Many companies lack the management of whether there is waste of electricity equipment. They only know that the monthly electricity bill is very high, and it is not clear why the electricity bill is so high, and which projects and equipment consume high electricity. Regardless of the potential safety hazards of electrical fires or the waste of electrical energy, company managers are annoyed. So, is there any good way to solve these problems?


In order to ensure personal safety and reduce unnecessary waste, Zhejiang Yongtailong has launched a smart and safe electricity management system to realize the safety supervision of various electrical equipment and lines. Zhejiang Yongtailong U°power monitoring and management system is a set of cost-effective intelligent power monitoring and management system, which integrates information collection, data analysis, real-time monitoring and security alarm. It can not only provide real-time, accurate and complete power data for power management, but also ensure the safety of users' power.


1. System function


i. Information Collection

Intelligent collection, remote reading, and centralized reflection of electricity consumption in various regions. (Voltage, current, power, power factor, power, residual current, wire temperature)


ii. Data analysis

The detailed power data can be used to analyze the rationality of power consumption, and the judgment method and comparison method can be used to improve the quality, time and efficiency of power consumption, thereby reducing power consumption.


iii. Real-time monitoring

The data reading frequency is 15 minutes/time and is transmitted to the computer in real time.


iv. Security alarm

The system can view the current power data on the software to monitor power consumption in real time according to time period and regional location. When over-current, high wire temperature, large residual current, leakage happen, real-time alarm will notify the person in charge of the first time through SMS, which can be accurate to the point and rapid positioning.


v. APP remote control

Relevant authorized personnel can obtain on-site electricity consumption at any time and any place through the APP, get the safety status of the electricity consumption system, accept alarm information, and perform remote warning and remote control operations.


2. System characteristics


24-hour real-time monitoring, collection and analysis of sensor data, intelligent alarms, digitization of security management, and graphical reduction of fire hazards: real-time monitoring and protection of electrical circuits through advanced technical means, improve the safety supervision of electrical circuits and reduce fire hazards.


Reduce labor cost: It can realize the organic combination of civil air defense and technical defense, comprehensively improve the scientific and technological means of fire supervision and management, ease the supervision pressure of the fire department, improve the management of traffic and accuracy, so that reduce labor costs.


Precise application of big data: it can more rationally optimize the application and governance of electrical systems through long-term monitoring and data analysis of the electricity consumption of various units, thus the safety of electricity consumption is fully guaranteed.

3. applicable scenarios


The system has a wide range of applications in various occasions. In addition to enterprises, it is also suitable for office buildings, high-rise apartments, hotels, restaurants, rental houses, commercial buildings, firefighting units, and petrochemicals, culture and health, finance, telecommunications, libraries, computer rooms, entertainment and other fields.


As an advanced electronic energy meter manufacturer and power system solution research and development company, YTL has developed a U°power monitoring and management system based on market demand. It uses big data to facilitate users to monitor electrical equipment in real time, and uses scientific and technological means to protect power distribution equipment, which has totally changed the traditional electrical management model and reduced a large amount of electrical energy waste and labor costs for thousands of owners.



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