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High cost-effective RS485 communication isolation module


With the development of the time and the progress of technology, nowadays ordinary electric meters are gradually replaced by smart electronic energy meters. Power supply and communication are indispensable in the application of smart meter circuits, which often need to be isolated to ensure safety and prevent accidents.


In general smart meters, optocouplers are used to isolate the communication and power supply of meters . While this communication isolation module independently developed by YTL has built-in high-frequency transformer, fast isolation chip and RS485 chip, which solves the problems of withstand voltage, speed, volume and cost of power isolation and communication isolation, and has the characteristics of low power consumption, which is far beyond the characteristics of the general use of optoelectronic combiners. It has small size and stable performance and is widely used in various complex installation environments and in various occasions that require small volume and fast communication.




The internal principle: VCC1 power input 5-18V, GND1 input terminal ground, VDD1 output non-isolated 3.3v, RS485 input terminal RX, RS485 control terminal EN, RS485 output terminal TX, RS485 output A, RS485 output B, GND2 output terminal Ground, VDD2 output isolation voltage 3.3V, VCC2 output isolation unregulated power supply.



The above picture shows the typical application of the module. RPR1U41A is a communication isolation module developed by YTL. It integrates isolated power supply and communication isolation. The RS485 chip has single-channel RS485 communication. The maximum communication speed reaches 150Kbps and 1Mbps. It can withstand 4000Vac and withstand voltage. With auxiliary power supply, the shell is made of flame retardant material.


This RS485 communication isolation module has a wide range of applications in Yongtailong's energy meter design, such as AMI smart meters, anti-theft meters, STS prepaid meters, multi-function meters, and ordinary RS485 communication meters. The cumulative usage has exceeded 2 million, which can stand the test of application.


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