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Anti-tamper AMR electric meter system solution


Traditional meter reading generally requires workers to go to the site to record the meter values manually. Such backward meter reading methods will inevitably cause many problems. For example, manual meter reading has a large workload, low efficiency, and long working hours. It is inevitable that things such as missed copying will occur, and the labor cost will be relatively high. Manual meter reading cannot obtain real-time meter data, and statistical analysis of grid quality and power consumption cannot be performed.


In response to market demand, Zhejiang Yongtailong(YTL) launched the AMR automatic meter reading system solution. YTL has independently developed a set of AMR system meter boxes with centralized meter reading with many years of R&D experience of electric energy meters and related communication technology and market anti-tamper requirements, which is powerful and can realize the functions of remotely reading user power consumption information, controlling load, and analyzing power consumption. It can also realize multi-user centralized management and transmission of electricity consumption information to users' indoor related instruments, allowing users to query electricity consumption information at any time, and better arrange electricity load, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction. The meter box can be installed at a high place such as an outdoor telephone pole and locked, so that it cannot be easily tampered; the purpose of preventing electricity theft is effectively achieved; the supporting indoor display allows users to view their own electricity consumption data at any time.


The system uses a combination of active control by the control center and uploading by the concentrator. The concentrator sends the collected data to the control center according to the set time interval. The system instantly responds to the unpacked real-time data and transmits it to the control center. Downlink mainly realizes the real-time collection of specific data, control and setting of concentrator, collector and display. The control center can realize the remote control of a single user, and also can realize the control of the total gate at the same time for the entire meter box. All processes are automatically completed by the control center, and only need the staff to inquire on the software. In this way, while improving the accuracy of data, it also greatly reduces labor costs.


YTL, as an energy meter manufacturer and power system solution provider, has developed this AMR system in the face of market demand, which can effectively solve the problems caused by traditional manual meter reading and can effectively improve the situation of arrears and tampering with electricity. Also it can accelerate the capital return cycle, bringing direct economic benefits to customers and improving customer satisfaction.




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