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Technical grade custom router, just to understand you better!


With the advent of modern smart life, more and more WiFi smart devices are used in our lives, learning, work, leisure and entertainment;

With the advent of modern smart life, more and more WiFi smart devices are used in our lives, learning, work, leisure and entertainment; Household appliances such as mobile phones, computers, IPDA, TVs, rice cookers, smart sockets, need to be connected to WiFi signals. In shopping malls, markets, companies, factories and other places, WiFi signal coverage is also required to improve the convenience and efficiency of operations; many civilian WiFi devices are also connected to many industrial WiFi devices in these places; there are many WiFi devices connected locally, and the requirements for signal stability are also very high.


A home TP-Link router intelligently connects 6-8 WiFi devices, and more than 6 will be unstable. Even 6 connections according to the needs of an ordinary family are not enough, never mention the need to connect industrial WiFi device. YTL has a WiFi energy meter solution in the APS prepaid system, U° smart power system, and shared power system. In the application process, it often encounters problems such as insufficient WiFi access points and unstable WiFi signals. To crack these hard nuts, YTL has specially customized a WiFi router to support various applications of YTL WiFi meters.


It is more than just a router, but also has many powerful functions:


1. YTL ecological dedicated wireless gateway integrates the new American Qualcomm enterprise-class AR9344 wireless chip solution, has 4 5dbi omnidirectional antennas, 5 physical communication network ports (1Wan+4LAN), it has stable signals and reliable connections, greatly Improve the user's experience.


2. Compared with ordinary home routers that can only support access to 6-8 devices, YTL ecological dedicated wireless gateway supports a maximum of 128 wireless devices to access the Internet at the same time, no matter how many branch devices can handle it.


3. Unique two-way WiFi design. There is a dedicated one for the WiFi meter device, which will not affect the connection of the device because of the access of mobile phones and computers. So you don't need to worry about the device will slow down your Internet speed.


4. The security mode of its built-in software is set up based on local user security attack defense, adding an extra guarantee for your network security.


5. Cloud platform management can perform cloud management and authentication equipment based on mobile phone number, WeChat and other authentication methods, and centrally configure and manage it.


6. Parameters






Chip solution

Main chip


Atheros 533MH









Interface specifications

WAN port


10/100M Ethernet

LAN port


10/100M Ethernet

USB port


Built-in design, located on the side of the PCB board

Reset button


Support to restore factory design

DC interface


Support 12VDC adapter




Wireless specifications




Protocol support


Transmit power





4 5dbi omnidirectional antennas



Machine specifications

Operating temperature



Storage temperature



Storage humidity


5~95% (Non-condensing)

Machine power consumption








This wireless gateway is specially customized for industrial equipment WiFi, and can be used for WiFi meters in YTL's prepaid management system; the meter + wireless gateway + prepaid system is used together, as long as the meter is powered on, it can automatically connect to the wireless gateway WiFi to complete registration conveniently and quickly. It has a stable signal protection, which can enhance the user's sense of use, allow tenants to self-pay anytime and anywhere, and let the landlord charge more harmonious and efficient.


In the construction of the intelligent times, smart gateway routers can be widely used in communities, small residential areas, shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals, stations, airports, terminals, subway stations and other WiFi coverage. Up-market customization, supporting products, just to improve your smart life.




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