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U° energy saving system, intelligent steward for safe electricity


The start and development of the smart era can not leave the support of electricity, but the annual statistics of electricity safety accidents will shock you. From 2011 to 2016, according to statistics, there were more than 500,000 electrical fires in China, which killed more than 3200 people and injured more than 2,000 people. The direct economic losses amounted to more than 9.2 billion CNY. These accidents exposed the quality, use and maintenance problems of electrical products and power lines.


So how to apply safety technical measures to make the use and management of electricity more secure and intelligent? YTL U° energy-saving management system gives you a different experience.


The system is a set of cost-effective intelligent power monitoring system, which integrates information collection of grid quality, real-time monitoring, fire detection and safety alarm. It can realize the interconnection of all things, such as information collection, big data analysis, real-time monitoring, fault prediction, security alarms, etc. for circuits and equipment, through WIFI, GPRS, NB-IoT, Ethernet and other efficient communication methods. It is like a 24-hour personal doctor who conducts round-the-clock physical examinations on electrical circuits, realizes energy conservation through analysis and management, guarantees power safety through online inspections and safety alerts, and provides users with a safe and green electricity environment. It can bring you the following functional experience:


1.  Electric safety

Intelligent calculation, handling of abnormal faults such as overload, leakage, over-voltage, over-temperature, real-time alarm, automatic danger cut off; transportation management, human-machine separation, greatly reducing safety accidents.


2. Energy saving and consumption reduction

Real-time monitoring of power consumption, active power, reactive power, power factor and other parameters; support for remote configuration of multiple sets of timing switch schemes and electricity consumption according to plan.


3. Intelligent management

Real-time collection and online monitoring of power parameters such as electricity, current, voltage, leakage current, temperature, harmonics, starting current; Real-time collection and online monitoring of electricity parameters such as electricity, current, voltage, leakage current, temperature, harmonics, starting current, etc., visual display charts, clearly showing anomalies; historical data storage and analysis, to achieve fault diagnosis, predict danger, and improve operation and maintenance efficiency ; Real-time alarm of equipment failure, and notify users in various ways to avoid equipment outage and damage; PC management platform, APP operation control power on and off, one-click control anytime and anywhere, safe and convenient; parameter value setting and reading, improve working efficiency and save labor.


This system can be flexibly applied to a variety of application environments: factories, schools, professional markets, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, KTV places, station airports, hospitals, libraries, schools, cultural protection units, religious places, pension institutions and rescue welfare institutions and other densely populated places.


YTL is constantly devoted to creating value for customers, saving energy for the earth, constantly breaking through itself on the road of intelligent, safe and energy-saving product development and production, always committed to the harmonious development of the earth's environment, and to the policy of contributing to human and life, and to providing you better products.



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