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Do you know how to use electricity safely?


In the production and life, the use of electricity has brought us too much convenience, but the electric shock caused by improper electricity has also taught us a lot. So how can we use electricity better?


First, let's learn the formation of electric shock injury:

Electric shock is an accident of personal injury caused by accidental contact with live parts of electrical equipment or circuits. When a person gets an electric shock, the current through the body causes a malfunction or destruction of reasonable functions, such as burns, muscle twitching, difficulty breathing, heart palsy, or even life-threatening. The degree of electric shock hazard is related to the size and duration of the current through the human body. It is generally believed that the human body can be fatal by passing 100 mA of current. The following table shows the degree of current damage to the human body:


Current (mA)








Feel electricity

quite painful

unbearable pain

Muscles contract violently and lose the freedom of movement

Very dangerous



Then we learn the reasons for electric shock:


1. Non-standard wiring and installation: no leakage protector installed, privately connected wires, ungrounded wires, etc.;

2. Failure to follow the operation guidance: illegal command, illegal operation, violation of discipline, etc.;

3. Line or equipment aging or environmental changes: such as insulation aging, damp places, etc.;

4. Other accidental electric shock injuries.


Once again, we have summarized the rules of electric shock accidents as follows:


1. Seasonal; According to the statistics of electric shock accidents, there are more accidents in the second and third quarters, mainly due to the rainy and humid weather in summer and autumn, which reduces the electrical insulation performance, and reduces the resistance of the human body due to the hot weather and sweating of the human body. This period is a good season for construction and busy farming, as well as a season where accidents occur frequently.

2.  There are many low-voltage electric shock accidents. Low-voltage power grids and electrical equipment are widely distributed, and people often use electrical appliances below 500V. Due to people's paralyzed thinking and lack of electrical safety knowledge, many accidents have occurred.

3. There are many single-phase electric shock accidents. Among the electric shock accidents, single-phase electric shock accounts for more than 70%. It is often caused by non-licensed electricians or general personnel who are connected indiscriminately and do not take safety measures.

4. There are many young people with electric shocks: This shows that safety and technology are closely related, with long working years, rich work experience, strong technical ability, and attention to safety, the possibility of accidents is small.

5. Accidents often occur at the connection parts of electrical equipment: due to loose fasteners, aging insulation, environmental changes, and frequent activities in this part, hidden dangers or electric shock accidents may occur.



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