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The excellent DC / DC isolation module created in the application is awesome!


DC / DC power modules are increasingly widely used in the fields of communication, network, industrial control, railway

DC / DC power modules are increasingly widely used in the fields of communication, network, industrial control, railway and military with its outstanding characteristics of small size, outstanding performance and convenient use. Several system designers have realized that the correct and reasonable selection of DC / DC power modules can reduce the trouble of power supply design and debugging, and focus attention on their own professional fields, which can not only improve the reliability and design level of the overall system , and more importantly, shorten the entire product development cycle. Nowadays, although there are many companies engaged in the development of DCDC modules on the market, the level of research and development is uneven. The isolation voltage of the power modules produced by some companies is relatively small, which is easy to cause the risk of leakage current so that it results in unreliable product safety. Some modules have a narrow temperature range and cannot adapt to different operating temperatures, which makes the practicability of products produced by manufacturers questionable and affects product sales.


With more than 20 years of research and development accumulation in the field of electronic energy meters, YTL adheres to the innovative gene, the ingenuity spirit of excellence and the attitude of knowledge as action, has made a leaping breakthrough in the DC / DC module and successfully created PT15-09- 4 Isolated DC / DC module. This module is used for micro-power isolation of intelligent instruments and meters. The isolation withstand voltage reaches 4.2kV. It allows a wide operating temperature range of -40 ° C to 85 ° C, an operating voltage range of 8V-18V, and resists 400mT DC magnetic field; and it is suitable for various application scenarios.


Electrical Characteristics



Static input current


No-load voltage (15V input)


Operating Voltage


Operating temperature

-40°C to +85°C

Isolation voltage


Resistance to DC magnetic fields

400mT (the distance between the magnet and the module is 10mm)





Typical Application Circuit



1. C1 and C2 capacitors must be close to the module during PCB design

2. When the external harassment is not good, adding C5, L1, L2 can improve the function


This DC / DC power module has been widely used in the design of electrical measuring instruments of YTL and cooperating manufacturers; the cumulative usage has exceeded 8 million. The DC / DC isolated power module with strong magnetic resistance, high withstand voltage, wide temperature and low cost has always been a difficult point in the design process of the energy meter; The PT15-09-4 isolated DC / DC module introduced by YTL has solved the problems of hardware designers and has been fully verified in the actual application process. The design concept of high performance, high stability, and low cost has always been the goal that YTL adheres to in its products, and YTL will continue to go forward under the traction of the goal.



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