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Electric energy meters help the development of power applications


Electric energy measurement is an important link in the production and operation activities of power enterprises and the safe operation of the power grid.

Electric energy measurement is an important link in the production and operation activities of power enterprises and the safe operation of the power grid. Trade settlement and assessment of the economic and technical indicators of the power system must rely on accurate and complete electrical energy measurement devices. The performance and management level of electric energy metering devices is not only related to the development of the electric power industry and the image of electric power enterprises, but also affects the accuracy and fairness of trade settlement, and involves the fundamental interests of the majority of electric power customers.


Although the meter is small, its requirements are very high. With the advancement of science and technology, the manufacturing and design level of electric energy meters has been continuously improved. The original mechanical meter has developed into a variety of types such as electronic meters, anti-tamper energy meters, prepaid meters, multi-rate watt-hour meters, multi-function watt-hour meters, smart watt-hour meters, which meets the growing market for meter functions demand. With the development and progress of electronic technology and communication technology, people's requirements for data analysis and refined management have increased, and the functions of electric meters have become more and more powerful. Various communication methods are also used in electric energy meters. Infrared communication, RS485 communication, PLC communication, RF communication, Zigbee communication, Lora communication, Wi-Fine communication, GPRS communication, Wi-Fi communication, NB-IoT communication, etc., according to different application environments, suitable communication methods can be used to achieve real-time data collection and transmission of electric energy meters, and statistical analysis through the system platform, so as to better serve the power users and improve power quality.


Different countries and regions also have many different requirements for the installation of electric energy meters according to different usage habits, installation environments and application environments: suspension electric energy meters, din-rail electric energy meters, ASNI meters, panel meters, socket meters, and so on.


Single phase electric energy meters and three phase electric energy meters are used for electricity metering and charging for residential users, enterprises and commercial users. They have a large volume and a wide range. They are directly related to the interests of thousands of households and the stability and safety of the power sector. run. YTL has been committed to the research and development, manufacturing and sales of electronic electric energy meters for more than 20 years. In order to meet the needs of the market and customers, it has a variety of specifications, functions, phenotypes, and communication meters. It has been working hard for the development and innovation of electric energy meters.



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