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Blockchain enables people in the power industry to operate and share the future for a long time


Blockchain is a new application mode of computer technology such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism and encryption algorithm.


The application of blockchain technology in the field of power energy by YTL's Zhidian ecological subsidiary has already started, forming a number of systematic products. Recently, Smart Electric Ecological Company completed a blockchain intelligent power management and application conference in Tongxiang, China. People from the power industry from all over the country have come to Tongxiang to participate in this platform conference and investment promotion conference.


YTL Zhidian Ecological subsidiary integrates the Internet, big data, cloud computing, smart retail and other technological means to develop new forms of smart power industry, and is committed to becoming an entrepreneurial platform for power energy professionals and a management platform for power energy. It promotes the construction of the Internet in the power industry and enables people in the power industry to use the Internet of Things model to serve users, allowing users to save energy and effort to achieve power energy conservation, safety, prepayment, and prediction.


The smart electricity information management system is committed to creating a green, energy-saving, safe and secure electricity environment. The intelligent power monitoring and management system can realize the functions of energy saving, safety, prediction and prepayment. It helps realize the intelligent use of electricity, visualization of management, efficient work, liberate managers with the Internet of Things model and start a smart life in the era of Internet of Things.


At the same time, the Zhidian ecosystem will focus on empowerment training. The Zhidian empowerment team summarizes the actual combat experience of each successful agent to help agents quickly open the market with more professional and comprehensive services, so that agents can easily establish long-term cooperation with customers.


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