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What is Micro-Grid?


With the continuous development of industrial technology, the global energy crisis has become increasingly severe, and the shortage of traditional fuels and environmental pollution problems have also increased. At the same time, the continuous improvement and maturity of renewable energy technologies based on solar energy provide a new way to solve the energy crisis. Therefore, many countries have set their sights on distributed power generation using renewable energy as an energy source.


Micro-Grid is a new type of network structure, which is a system unit composed of a group of micro power sources, loads, energy storage systems and control devices. Microgrid is a concept relative to the traditional large power grid. It refers to a network composed of multiple distributed power sources and their related loads according to a certain topological structure, connected to the conventional power grid through static switches. The development and extension of the microgrid can fully promote the large-scale integration of distributed power sources and renewable energy sources, and realize the highly reliable supply of multiple forms of energy to the load. It is an effective way to realize the active distribution network.


Zhejiang Yongtailong Power Generation Sales System is an integrated system of Internet + photovoltaic power generation + prepaid power sales for photovoltaic new energy power generation operations. The whole system has high reliability, long service life, no pollution to the environment, and can generate electricity off-grid and run on-grid. The sales of electricity can be done online and offline by customers.


System Framework



Electricity Sales System


APP/PC multi-platform, remote reading, recharge, control anytime and anywhere

Low battery alarm, arrears trip

Customer self-recharge, intelligent management by the owner

IEC&CPA dual authentication, unique meter key


YTL Power Generation System can realize distributed grid-connected power generation and off-grid power generation, and is committed to the application of photovoltaic green energy. YTL uses "data instead of experience" to achieve refined and intelligent management, thereby integrating "reverse", "change" and "management" into one, simplifying complexity and creating a new generation of smart photovoltaic power station solutions.



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