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Cost-effective ACDC module


As the application and development of power technology, electrified products are very widely used in our life. Power grid is usually 220 v, but in many cases, the internal wiring of electronic equipment and devices need the smaller DC voltage. In that case, we need to use AC/DC power supply to transform the 220 v into the voltage that we need. It can be said that the AC/DC power module plays a very important role in our life.


With more than 20 years of research and development in the field of electronic meters, YLT launched the AC/DC power integration module, which include many advantages:


1. Three-phase wide range voltage input: minimum of 75V and maximum of 450V input voltage makes our product suitable for multiple environments.


2. High conversion efficiency: up to 80% conversion efficiency in all input voltage ranges, far exceeding other similar products on the market.


3. Automatic protection: it has the functions of overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, over-temperature protection and automatic recovery for ensuring the safety of users.


4. Easy to installation: it can be directly installed on the PCB without cumbersome operation.


5. Anti-magnetic field: In the situation of 220V input, the module can output 5W power stably in a magnetic field environment of 500mT 10mm.


This AC/DC power supply module not only brings economic value to the partner with the advantage of low cost, but also solves the difficulty in the design of electricity meters with the characteristics of small size and high performance. This module has been widely used in the design of the electricity meter of YTL and our partners. The accumulative usage has exceeded 8 million. Its performance and reliability have been fully verified in practical application.





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