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Application of IoT technology in Ultrasonic Water Meter


Water meters are often involved in people's daily lives, and they are used for households, enterprises, institutions, etc., as the basis for collecting water fees. Old-fashioned mechanical water meters have problems such as low measurement accuracy, inability to prevent dripping, low manual meter reading accuracy, poor timeliness, slow statistical data, long reporting periods, and low efficiency. The Internet of Things water meter can solve the problem of difficult meter reading in cities and high-rise residential buildings; it can improve the efficiency of meter reading in large and medium-sized cities; it can solve the problem of tiered prices; it can improve the quality of services; it can analyze user resources based on the collected data, it can analyze user resource usage habits, improve management efficiency, and help save water and energy.

In order to better adapt to the IoT era, today we will introduce a NB-IoT IoT water meter.

This is a kind of ultrasonic water meter, with IR (infrared) and NB-IoT (CJT188 protocol) communication, supporting water volume history record. This meter It has good reliability, small size, light weight, beautiful appearance and convenient installation.


  •  Display of accumulated water volume and flow;

  •  Cumulative water measurement

  •  Support IR (infrared) communication and NB-IoT communication (CJT188 protocol)

  •  Infrared: Baud rate 2400 (fixed), 8 data bits, even parity,1 stop bit.


The meter reading page can read the cumulative water volume, instantaneous flow, water temperature, cumulative working time, meter time, alarm status and battery voltage. There are 8 alarm states: battery warning, empty pipe warning, backflow warning, over-range warning, temperature warning, EE error warning, APN error warning, valve error warning.

Ultrasonic water meters and NB-IoT communication of the IoT perfectly solve the problems of low measurement accuracy of traditional water meters and difficult data reading.



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