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How to judge whether the smart watch is working normally?


Electricity is used everywhere in life, and the penetration rate of smart meters is increasing year by year.

But does the smart meter work well or not?

In fact, a smart meter is a very complicated instrument, and it is difficult to judge by its quality, only whether it is working normally.


1. Observe the flashing of the dial pulse indicator of the meter.

Turn off the switch of the household meter box or turn off all electrical equipment in the house. When there is no equipment, observe the pulse signal light of the meter flashing. Usually, it does not flash or flashes once within 10 minutes, which means that the meter is operating normally.

If the indicator light flashes, the meter is not operating normally.


2. Judge the relationship between the total power displayed by the power meter and the rate power.
The total power obtained by the display of the electric energy meter or the reading of the meter is equal to the sum of the various tariffs, and the meter measures normally.


3. Turn on a relatively stable electrical device to observe the measured value of the meter.

Turn off all electrical equipment in the house, record the degree displayed by the meter, turn on the rice cooker or electric water heater for a period of time, and record the display degree of the meter. Subtract the two to turn on the power consumption of the device.

According to the nameplate mark of the electric equipment, the power consumption is compared with the power consumption of the electric meter recording equipment to determine whether it is normal.


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