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Smart street lights help smart city construction


Street lighting is an indispensable public facility in people's daily life. Traditional LED energy saving can no longer meet the needs of large-scale power saving; manual control and street lamp inspection are also tasks that require a lot of manpower and material resources.

More efficient management methods and energy-saving programs have become the focus of management departments.

In recent years, driven by the promotion and popularization of smart cities, the demand for urban lighting has rapidly escalated, including the upgrading of urban facilities, the rise of lighting cultural tourism economy, the construction of characteristic towns, the development of ppp and EPC models, etc. The urban lighting industry has ushered in Created a huge new room for economic growth.

As one of the important components of urban lighting, urban street lights are also rapidly driven.

Under the boom of smart city construction, governments of various countries and regions have included smart street light projects in the construction of "multi-pole integration". This "multi-pole integration" means that smart street lights gradually have remote lighting control and malfunction.

Active alarm, lamp cable anti-theft, remote meter reading and other functions have become smart city information collection terminals and convenience service terminals.

The YTL intelligent street lamp management system implements unified management of street lamp public lighting, achieving the effect of "three in one" of remote lighting monitoring, intelligent management and control, energy saving and consumption reduction.

It provides a systematic solution for rationally arranging the lighting brightness and saving power.

System functions and features

Control function ---- remote switch, dimming (0-10V/PWM), strategy control (point control, wire control, group control, light control)

Measurement function ---- voltage, current, power, power factor, electric quantity, switch status; accuracy  class 1

Alarm function ---- real-time online inspection, lamp failure alarm, cable theft, communication failure alarm, rapid fault location and 

switch to navigation function

Report function-statistical analysis charts and reports for energy consumption, energy saving rate and lighting rate

Operation and maintenance function ---- daily parameter setting, GIS map display device location and current status

Environmental monitoring ---- can be connected to various environmental monitoring sensors and cameras

Single lamp communication ---- NB-IoT, LoRa, PLC (OFDM mode, 12-channel multi-frequency point anti-interference ability)image.png


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