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20 years of Yongtailong power engineers give you detailed explanations of electric energy meters


20 years of Yongtailong power engineers give you detailed explanations of electric energy meters


The electric energy meter is a measuring instrument for testing electric energy usage,it is an instrument for measuring electrical energy and an important basis for our payment of electricity bills.

The electric energy meter use IC to calculate the sampled current and voltage signal, analyzes and processes the signals to obtain the value of electricity. At the same time , it can obtain real-time energy parameters, such as current, voltage, power and so on.


Classification of electric energy meters: according to different measurement properties,they are divided into DC electric energy meters and AC electric energy meters. DC power meters are generally used in photo-voltaic power generation and other occasions to measure DC power.

AC power meters are widely used, and every household has them. The electricity used by electrical appliances in daily life is measured by AC power meters.


According to different purposes, divided into single phase two wire, single phase three wire, two phase three wire, three phase three wire and so on.

According to different on the wiring, divided into direct type and CT type.

According to different type of installation, divided into din rail meter, suspended electricity meter, round meter,panel meter.

According different structure, divided into Integral electric energy meter and split electric energy meter.

According to different payment, divided into prepaid energy meter and postpaid energy meter.


The general composition of an electric energy meter consists of power supply, signal sampling, electric energy measurement, data processing, data storage, display, communication and so on.

Compare the electric energy meter to the words of a person!


The power source is the blood in the human body, which can provide the power resources for the entire electric energy meter.

The signal sampling device is equivalent to various organs of the human body. It converts the collected high voltage and large current into a low voltage signal and inputs it to the electric energy metering unit to provide sampling signals for the metering unit.

The data processing unit and storage are equivalent to the human brain, processing the operation of the entire electric energy meter system and the storage of various data.

The display unit can be compared to the face of the human body. From the display, you can know the power consumption of the electric energy meter, instantaneous measurement parameters, etc.;

 the communication unit can be compared to the human language function, and the copy control device can obtain data through the communication unit.


Through the above introduction, do you have a deeper understanding of the electric energy meter?


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