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Scientific electricity! Better life!



In life, there will be all kinds of people playing different roles from each other,but no matter who you are, we cannot do without electricity."Electricity" allows us to enjoy the beauty of life,but at the same time, the area of deposit fees often gives us headaches.


If there is a platform that can integrate equipment management and control, energy consumption analysis, safety prediction, customer funds, and recharge (payment) process in one, can solve all your worries, whether you are a landlord or a tenant, as long as you have tried,will sincerely praise "Technology and electricity is really convenient."

This platform is "SEIS Smart Energy Service Cloud Platform (referred to as SEIS)".





On the one hand, the YTL smart cloud platform can realize the intelligent interaction of people, finances, and things in the customer's integrated energy management process, as well as information management and control, especially power safety management and capital safety management.

Build an open, equal and mutual trust platform and bridge between energy operators, landlords (landlords), and customers (tenants).

On the other hand, it solves the difficulties and pain points between owners and customers in the identification of charging and payment information.

Really, the owner can remotely supervise the equipment anytime and anywhere, remotely check anytime and anywhere, and remotely control anytime and anywhere (equipment power off); truly, the customer can remotely check anytime and anywhere, remotely recharge (pay) anytime, and remotely control anytime, anywhere

(Equipment power failure, clearing of accounts), building a new economic and business cooperation relationship between energy operators, landlords, and customers (tenants).



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