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Yongtailong teaches you how to interpret important parameters of electric energy meters


Yongtailong teaches you how to interpret important parameters of electric energy meters


Electric energy meters are both familiar and unfamiliar to the general public. They are used every day at home, but they have no idea about the meaning of its parameters and how to choose and buy.

There are many parameters and characters on the electric meter. For ordinary people, the voltage and current parameters are the most relevant. The voltage parameters are relatively simple. Each country is a standard voltage.

Today we are going to understand the meter parameter of current.



As can be seen from the above picture, the meter is marked with 5 (80) A, this is the current parameter, but what does this mean?

5A represents the rated current of the meter, which is related to the minimum starting current. The minimum starting current is generally 0.4% of the rated current; the smaller the rated current, the smaller the starting current and the more sensitive the meter.

80A represents the maximum load current of the meter. The actual current exceeds 80A but less than 120% (80A) can work for a short time; working for a long time will damage the meter.

The rated current of common electric meters are 1.5 (6) A, 5 (20) A, 10 (40) A, 15 (60) A, 20 (80) A, 30 (100) A. From these values, except 100A . In addition to the meter, the rated current and maximum current of the meter are 4 times different.

But there are exceptions. Careful friends may observe the current parameters of their home appliance meters, which may be different from those on the market.




As shown in the figure above, the rated current of the electric meter is 5A, but its maximum current is 100A. The difference between the two is 20 times, far exceeding that of ordinary electric meters.

This kind of electric meter is called a wide-load electric energy meter, which can not only accurately measure low-power electricity consumption, but also measure high-power electricity consumption.

Just plug in a small electrical device, such as a charger, but the situation that the meter does not go will never happen again, which is why the meter is now more and more accurate.


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