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Off line APS- Any problem to get your electricity fee? Here is your mascot



Off line APS- Any problem to get your electricity fee? Here is your mascot



★What is off line APS?


Off line APS is a system that YTL design for local vending system. It solve the problem that the landlord can not get paid from the tenant for the used electricity. The whole vending process only need a computer and a key that designed by YTL. No need Internet, all data is recorded in the local computer, easy to operate, check and manage.





★Why choose off line APS?


   Considering the needs from different customers, YTL added the Off line version based on the Web version. The system uses the dual technical features of hardware black box ciphertext and software encryption to ensure the security of the system, and it can be recharged without the network.

APS off line version has following 5 main advantages:


1. No need to go online, one computer can realize all the functions of a vending station,

2. Alarm in case of low balance, trip in case of arrears

3. The tenants arrive at the station to recharge, and the landlord manages it uniformly

4. Set the power threshold to avoid safety hazards

5. Unique key and high security




★Where to use the off line APS?


The off line version of APS can be widely used to monitor, manage, control and charging the housing rental (apartments, private houses, shops, factories), campus dormitories, street lighting, electrical equipment (power supply) for enterprises and institutions, solar nini-grids, small charging piles (charging sockets).





★How off line APS bring you benefit?


The off line version of APS has a low entry barrier, and only one computer is required to operate the project. The project is independently managed by the landlord. The electricity is determined by the landlord independently. Once low credit, the meter will automatically trip. Realize the landlord's equipment supervision, verification, and control (equipment power off); realize customer inspection, recharge (payment), and control (equipment power off, clearing bills). Landlords no longer have to worry about rent collection.


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