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1- AMI system, like 12-meter cabinet, contains many different parts show in the system diagram, such as concentrator, collector, energy meter, master station, etc. During installation, does the communication may disturb or outage?

When install system or energy meter with communication, some difficulties may happen due to distance or interference. If the signal is too low, repeater can be used to route communication, or increase the power of communication module to ensure signal reliability. During this period, the meter and collector itself have long time data storage. Pls rest assured that short time failure in communication won’t influence cc rate of the whole system.

2- I'm a contractor, not belong to utility or STS institution. Is there any vending software like STS to help me sale electricity?

The best advantages of STS vending software is convenience in vending and safe token. Now YTL have gotten the certificates of STS meter and STS vending software, we could provide different vending software solutions based on customized requirements.

3- Does YTL have any simple system which not include concentrator and transducer, just communicate between energy meter and master station?

Yes. We have energy meter with RS485, RF, Zigbee.
RS485 is more reliable but its wiring is inconvenient, usually used in industrial equipment. Installation of energy meter with RF and Zigbee is convenient, just need to install management software at master station, and plug USB communication module to read meter. If the distance between meter and master station is too long, meter needn't any repeater, will automatically network to transfer data.