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13-What's the maximum ampere of Single-phase wearing tube din-rail meter?


120A with Anti-DC CT;

200A with Ordinary CT.

14-Can a 120A single-phase meter equipped with 4+3 LCD?


It is not reasonable.

The power consumption of 120A for 1 hour is about 26.4 kwh, for 1 day is about 633.6 kwh. 10000 kwh ÷ 633.6 = 16.78 days, that means meter's counter takes just 16.78 days to turn a circle. Usually electricity bill is calculate by month, so it is not reasonable and accurate.

Suggestion: integer more than 5 digits.

15-What does Anti-DC mean?


Anti-DC CT: Insure in a certain range of accuracy, correctly sample alternating current, and DC component.

Correctly measure electricity when tampering happens, which is that add a diode in the circuit to change alternating current to DC current. Without Anti-DC CT, the meter couldn’t measure correctly.